Player Development

Eagles Customized Training

The Eagles program believes in a customized training approach to player development.  Every player is unique with different needs and learns in different ways.  As a result, we leverage individual development plans using various exercises, drills and workouts to help maximize development.

The Eagles Program for over the last 4 years has based our individual player development on the principles and guidelines from the Florida Baseball Ranch.  Returning Dec. 11th, Randy Sullivan and his staff comes to our Eagles facility to help set up our player development process for pitching, hitting, and the physical development of our players.


Flordia Baseball Ranch - Training & More

The Florida Baseball Ranch recently initiated ‘Pitching Coach Certification” to provide a structured approach to pitching instruction.  Five of our coaches have become FBR Pitching Coach Certified.  The FBR will be adding additional certifications in the future and we intend to continue to educate/train our Coaches on the most advanced training concepts to help get our players better.

Our Program model is quite simple:  If our players get better than our teams will get better as well.

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