Rapsodo Certified Facility

We are a Massachusetts Certified Rapsodo Facility

Watch to see how our Rapsodo system can help you not only improve as a player, but also assist in college recruiting!


Rapsodo provides the technology needed to implement a data-driven approach to player development. Their data capture implements for both hitting and pitching use a combination of high-speed cameras and state of the art radar technology to accurately measure key metrics for performance. For pitchers, they can track and assess pitch velocity, movement, release points, and even strike percentages. Hitters can see exit velocities, distances, predicted hit outcomes, and identify their strengths and weaknesses based on pitch location. This ability to take a closer look at players as individuals will allow coaches to make better decisions in training, as well as communicate with players in a clear and concise way. Measuring key metrics takes the guesswork out of training and ensures that our players leave practices better than when they arrived.

In addition, Rapsodo provides players with open access to their data through their cloud service. Each player will have an account through Rapsodo, where they can see the results from every training session that they partake in. Players can then take these data points and send verified data to college coaches and scouts for recruiting purposes. This unparalleled accessibility to data is a powerful tool that can potentially save our players hundreds, or thousands of dollars spent on the showcase circuit. Instead of traveling across New England for a handful of pitches, swings, and defensive plays in a high-pressure situation, our players can perform at their best in a comfortable environment, receiving the same metrics for a fraction of the cost. On top of this, players can choose to upload their best metrics to the Rapsodo National Database, a public platform used by college and MLB scouts to identify prospects, to increase their exposure.

In summary, the addition of Rapsodo technology into our facility will allow our players and coaches to streamline the player development and recruiting processes through the power of impactful data.

Our program has the privilege of sending
136 Players to College and Professional Baseball.